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Why Is There A Need For A Jigsaw?

The jigsaw is one of the tools that have found a wider use among those who are taking a carpentry course and projects. The tool is basically widely used to cut curves. Good examples of the curves that can be cut by the use of this tool are the stencil designs. You can also use it to cut other shapes that are customized. The shapes are cut from the pieces of metals, wood, plastics, cardboard or any other material.

How it can be brought into use

One merit of this type of jigsaw is that it can be used in a more artistic form compared to other saws. That is why it has found a greater use among the designers all over the world. The cutting of the fashion designs cannot be achieved with the ordinary type of a saw. This is because most other saws can only manage to cut lines that are straight. So, the tool can be used to perform the same function that is performed by the rasp as well as the chiseling.

The only merit is that it becomes very difficult to make curves using the tool while having a free hand operation even if a guideline on how to go about it has been provided. There are a number of jigsaws that are found in the market. A very good example is the hand saw which was used as the traditional form of the jigsaw. The hand saw has a handle that is attached to it. It is small in size. Its blade is also thin compared to other blades. The initial types of the tools were not powered. Modern technology has continued to increase the versatility and functionality of this tool.

Changes in accordance with modern technology

The modern jigsaw is powered and they include the power tools. The tool is made up of an electric motor that is so powerful. Another feature of the power tool is that it has a saw blade that is reciprocated. Other types of these tools are able to make cuts that are inclined at an angle of 45 degrees.

The jigsaw uses two main types of blade fittings. The older designs used screws to hold the blade in place. The newer versions use the slots to hold the blades. The other categories of blades that are available include the one with many numbers of teeth per inch. There is also the blade edge that is widely used to cut softer materials.

How to operate it safely

To make sure that the problem of flush has been eliminated, cranked blades are normally used. The same design of the blade is used to prevent the setbacks.  For cutting the curves that are tight, thin blades are put into use. Another problematic use of the saw is the push stroke type of the cutting blade. This type of blade is widely used to avoid the damage of the upper part of the surface that is being cut.

This tool is a common component of the combo kit. There are different manufacturers who deal in this gadget. The jigsaw can be bought in most of the hardware.

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