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Milwaukee 2645-20 Jig Saw Review – A Saw Made For You

The Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 JigSaw is one of the best and most convenient jigsaws ever made. A power cord in most cases requires a power source close to it for the machine to work properly.

The cutting versatility offered by this jigsaw includes a five position orbital setting, which is instrumental in selecting the specific speed or cut, depending on their task at hand. In addition, the shoe can be adjusted to quickly and accurately while allowing the blade clamp to change in a much faster and easier way.


  • It allows for a very fast, accurate and easy shoe adjustment. The shoe bevel does not require any tools and one can make tremendously positive stops, it allows for a not more than 45-degree angle on either side
  • The orbital cutting ensures that the tool is the most versatile of its kind. It has a five position orbital cutting that makes the user to cut accurately according to the specifications
  • It has a molded grip that enables the speed to change according to the material that is being cut. Therefore, the jigsaw can be used to cut an assortment of materials
  • The non-marrying shoe of the jig saw ensures that the area where the user is working from is protected from any damage that the tool might pose
  • The quick and easy quik-lok blade clamp makes the blade change to be executed in an extremely fast and easy way.

Who is it best for?

The jigsaw is made for use by professionals who use it in their day to day work. Home improvement specialists and carpenters use it to cut through different pieces of wood. Since it is a cutting tool, the jigsaw must be handled with a lot of caution to prevent damage or injury. It is most effective in the hands of a professional, or someone who has fully read the manual and understood how it works.

Milwaukee 2645-20 Pros and Cons

The 2645-20 M18 jigsaw is a immensely powerful tool that ensures that the cutting is done using remarkably little time and effort. The accuracy is also exceptionally high, making it to produce remarkably good quality work. This jigsaw is a favorite of many because of its versatility, its accuracy and its ease of use, where these features are not so common in other jigsaws. In addition, it does not require a cord since it is the very first one of its type to be powered using lithium-ion.

Some users find it to be exceptionally heavy, though this is not always a disadvantage.

Why should you buy it?

This machine uses batteries, and this makes it easy for the user to work in places where the power source is much further or unavailable. It makes the work a lot easier and understanding how to use it is extremely easy.

Milwaukee 2645-20 – Final Verdict

For a decent discounted price and a performance unlike other jigsaws in the market, this Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Jig Saw is worth every penny and more.

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