Best JigSaw

A must for the toolbox of any handyman or DIY enthusiast, a jig saw is an extremely useful tool. It is very versatile and can do the job of a hacksaw, a woodworking saw and a straight forward cutting saw. The a good jigsaw will make clean and accurate straight, curved and bevelled cuts. They do work that cannot be easily achieved with any other tool, such as cutting square edged holes within a panel. A jigsaw will easily do many cutting jobs such as cutting holes in worktops and openings where other tools will struggle to give a professional finish. It will also be very well made and well balanced. This will help the user to manipulate the tool accurately when using it for the intricate cutting work it is designed for. The tool will also feature good power consumption and the latest safety features will be incorporated into the design.

A good jigsaw will make accurate straight and curved cuts through a variety of materials including wood, metal and ceramic. It will come with a number of speed settings. These speed settings increase the accuracy with which the saw can be used. The speed settings of the saw will be easily adjustable during cutting so that it can be slowed down quickly when an intricate cutting area is reached without having to break the flow of the cut. This means that the saw will always be able to give a clean finish to the most intricate of cuts involving tight curves and corners.

The best jigsaw will have a lot of features to allow for the best possible adjustment that will give the best possible cut in all situations. It will also have the best quality basic features. All jig saws operate in the same basic way. They have a vertical blade that moves up and down to produce the cut. It will use this basic system to produce the smoothest possible cut will whether it is cutting a straight line a curve or a bevelled edge. Jig saws are precise and easy to manoeuvre around while working with them.

The speed control and blade positioning are very important aspects of the jigsaw as it is easy to break the blade if the saw is moving too fast during the cutting of intricate curves. It can take quite a lot of practice to use a jigsaw for intricate work without breaking the blade. The top jig saw will feature a number of options for blade positioning. This helps to reduce the snapping of blades and allows much more intricate work to be done.

The best jigsaw will have a quick change, tool free blade changing system. This means the blade will be easy and quick to change and be safely locked into the unit. It is worth getting a jigsaw that is comfortable to hold and manipulate easily as this will help towards getting the best possible cut and finish to your work. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,,,,, or