What Jig Saw Should You Purchase?

Cutting out the perfect curves, stencils, shapes and holes on your wood or metal works is an art that only the best power jig saw, can produce. The jig saw has been the only unique saw since the beginning of carpentry and metal works and has seen a lot of improvements with advancements in technology. This means they will be several power jig saws on the market to select from with different manufacturers and features.

Selecting the best one to meet your needs i.e. most efficient and affordable is not an easy task, not without some guidance. Let’s look at how you can go about to get the best out of it.

Cordless Saw – Everyone Is Embracing

There are electric and cordless jigsaws on the market and the difference between them is portability brought about by the power source. An electric saw has to be connected to an electric power source to function while for a cordless saw all one needs is to ensure the batteries are charged.

Besides the portability cordless saws eliminate the cables dragged around when using their electric counterparts. Saw reviews have seen buyers prefer cordless ones over electric ones.

Tips For Getting The Right Jig Saw

Both electric and cordless jigsaws can do the same job if some features are kept constant. Here are the featured you should check for when purchasing your saw.

How powerful is the motor? – Any machine that runs on a motor must maximize the motor power for the best output. For saws a motor power of at least 6.0 AMP and variable speed control of 700-3000 SPM would be an excellent choice

What kind of blade-change system does it have? – Saws normally require a change of blades while working on different materials and cutting different holes or shapes. Some saws require tools to change to new blades while others have an auto eject and easy to insert system. The obvious choice would be the tool-less blade change system.

How accurate does the saw get? – Firstly you have to ensure the saw clearly marks between 45 and 90 degrees to enhance precision. On this point, there are manufacturers who have added an L.E.D light touch to their saws. Having illumination around where you are cutting is an absolute enhancement to accuracy so while you are selecting your saw do not overlook this point.

What measures are there to handle vibrations and noise? – The classic power jigsaw is a noisy tool that produces vibrations which are potentially harmful to the user. Manufacturers have tried to deal with these problems in their own way so while checking out saws ensure you find out whether they have anti- vibration and noise reduction features. These will go a long way in ensuring you are enjoying your project safely.

How durable is it? – You are buying a tool made of majorly metal so while you are at it you should ensure you are not buying junk. You need to buy a machine which is hardy both inside and outside, especially for cordless jigsaws which are susceptible to hard falls.

How good is the grip? – While purchasing your jigsaw it would be good to get a machine that you can grip firmly with some level of gentleness to avoid undue pressure on your hand and wrists. The grip should also be comfortable for your own safety.

Procure Your Jig Saw

There are several brands available in the market, Bosch jigsaws being the commonly trusted brand. With your checklist you can go through all of them before deciding on one so that prices don’t stand in your way.











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